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Homeward Bound on the Continental

Krenzler, Len

Canadian Nation Railway 6015 powers the Continental near Jasper, Alberta This unique image is the second collaboration of artists Len Krenzler and Robert Landry combining oil and digital art. In this scene we witness the efforts of the mighty 6015 "Mountain" class 4-8-2 locomotive as she caries the great "Continental" out of Jasper. This was one of the most powerful locomotives operated by the Canadian National Railway and served both in express passenger and fast freight duty. She was the last of 16 U-1-a locomotives delivered to CN. The imposing 6015 now sits on display at the rail yard in the town of Jasper. Delivered in 1923 she had 73" driver wheels, ran a boiler pressure of 210psi and delivered nearly 50,000 pounds of tractive effort. She weighed 350,000 pounds. In her early days, as see here, she was coal powered and then in the 1950's was converted to oil. In this dramatic evening scene one can imagine the splendor of a trek through the majestic Rocky Mountains. In the warm and lavish comforts of first class, the cold, rugged scenery glides effortlessly by, thanks to the tremendous power of the "Mountain" class steamer. On this trip the famous "Aurora Borealis" or northern lights shower the sky with color. A journey home on the "Continental" must have been a truly memorable experience for those lucky enough to have taken it.